why use an erp system

Why is it necessary to invest in “ERP Software for Small Business”

Business Restraints No organization or individual has infinite resources. And when it is about small business they face more resource constraints as compare to big ones. Most CEO from SMEs always deals with equal pressing demand of resources from all the corner of enterprise. When these precious resources are planned for some intangible investment like ERP, such investments sometimes are questioned by some of the stakeholder to prove their worth. Small businesses doesn't need to go for big ERP's as they will cover a lot of features that their business will not need instead they can go for ERP...
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Tangible and Intangible benefits of ERP

There are both tangible and intangible ERP advantages Tangible ERP advantages i.) Workflow of the product from one department to other becomes smooth and without any impediments. Hence increasing productivity of process and personnel. ii.) Since same software is now used across all departments, individual departments having to buy and maintain their own software systems are no longer necessary leading to lowering of cost of production hence reducing cost iii.) There are various modules in an ERP system like Finance/Accounts, Manufacturing, Marketing/Sales, Supply Chain/Warehouse Management...
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