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ERP for Transmission Line Tower Industry

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Transmission line towers are constructed for transmitting electricity to diverse areas. Constructing a Transmission Line Tower is a demanding task involving many processes and sub-processes. Transmission Line Tower Industries comprise of companies involved in Engineering, Fabrication and Galvanizing Tower Structures and Constructing Transmission Line Towers, Substation Towers, Substation Structures, Telecommunication Towers. Transmission line tower industry is generally a make to order industry and has it has own unique challenges. Every tower may have a unique design depending on location & requirements. A tower consists of numerous parts and each part may have different operations. Each Tower may have many different orders and many different delivery schedule and dispatch requirement. These factors make operations, supply chain, inventory control and visibility of orders challenging. ERP for Transmission Line Tower helps overcome challenges faced by TLT companies.

Spectrum ERP Software for Transmission Line Tower Industry

Spectrum ERP provides Material Management, Planning & Production, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Distribution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll and Plant Maintenance module. Our Spectrum ERP provides business intelligence solution and mobility features to help stay connected and informed. Spectrum ERP can also be seamlessly integrated with Tally Software.

Key Modules of Spectrum ERP for Transmission Line Tower Industry

Spectrum ERP for Transmission Line Tower Industry has modules designed keeping in mind specific and unique requirements of Transmission Line Tower Industry. Spectrum provides comprehensive BOM and BOQ features, Prototype features and activity wise Production reporting. Spectrum ERP has special Raw Material module and quality control features designed to suit the Transmission Line Tower Industry. All these features help to make operations efficient, consolidate, monitor and control supply chain activities effectively and ensure timely deliveries

  Bill of Material (BOM)

Spectrum ERP has a very comprehensive Bill of Material module. It provides a complete list of raw materials, sub-assemblies, components, their precise quantity and activities to be performed. It also helps to record details of whether components are to be manufactured or bought out. It provides a features to import BOM from excel in to ERP. It also helps define activities on mark number. Our BOM can be used for both Make to Order as well as Make to Stock fabrication items for Transmission Line Tower. Our BOM can be customized to suit requirements of TLT industries. For e.g. You can define a Prototype BOM and then convert it to a MASS production BOM. We offer a variety of BOM features such as Estimation BOM, Manufacturing BOM, Multi-Level BOM, Structural BOM. It provides BOM revisions feature which makes the updated and correct BOM version available to all concerned.

  Work Order & Job Cards

Spectrum ERP provides Work Orders and Job Cards for Production activities. This becomes the basis for all Production activities. It helps define raw material, resources required, processes and timelines to execute Job Cards.
Spectrum ERP automates the process of generation of Job Cards with necessary authorizations in place. Spectrum ERP can generate varieties of Jobs cards such as Job Cards for Primary Jobs, Extra Work Jobs, Shortage Jobs, Rejection Jobs, Rework Jobs, Change in BOM Jobs, etc. We provide Prototype Job Cards & Mass Operation Job Cards specially for Transmission Line Tower Industry.
These Job Cards can be assigned to in-house employees or third party contractors. Job Cards are also useful to control material consumption, reserve raw material for Jobs and process contractor bills.

  Engineering Change Management

Engineering change management is an inevitable part of the Transmission Line Tower Industry. Spectrum ERP is capable of identifying areas of impact of change management. It provides features for handling change management process. We tightly integrate BOM revisions with procurement and manufacturing process. It helps understand the materials required due to change management. It provisions for rejecting items or reworking items which are changed. It releases Job cards and Work orders for manufacturing activities to execute change management.

  Production Reporting & Inspection

In Spectrum ERP, the Production flow is defined as per the Transmission Line Tower production activities. Spectrum ERP helps take care of the Prototype Production as well as Mass Production activities. Production Reporting is used to track actual Production. It provides a choice of maintaining; either a summary or detailed record; of production. It helps identify current status of production process, bottlenecks in production and highlights problem areas.
Spectrum ERP also provides detailed features and functionalities related to various Stages of Inspection, 3rd Party Inspection, Rework & Rejection. It lets you define inspection activities and provides special forms and screens for Inspection Offers, Joint Inspection Call, Inspection entry and Inspection Clearance.

  Specific Raw Material Module

Spectrum ERP has specially developed Raw Material Module suitable for Transmission Line Tower Industry. Typically procured raw materials are measured in kilograms (KG) or Tons. However, in manufacturing operations, materials are consumed in millimeter(MM). Hence unit conversion is a very important activity in Transmission Line Tower industry. Spectrum ERP helps maintain records of special makes and even lot specific details such as heat number, plate number, Make etc. Spectrum ERP helps tracking project wise material consumption, length and width wise stock details, scrap management etc. It also has a special feature for recording details of raw materials and scrap returned.

  Material Requirement Planning

Spectrum ERP provides a Robust MRP solution. It generates material requirement based on Bill of Material & Production Plan. It also enables material planning for consumables & spare parts. This helps in determining the complete demand planning including all critical factors such as lead time, source of supply etc. It also has a special auto indenting feature which helps to plan material requirement for a single tower or a group of towers.

  Contractor Billing

Transmission Line Tower Industry requires a variety of products and components for construction of Towers. Most of these production activities require varieties of materials and involves carrying out different operations on these materials. This makes contractor bills clearance time consuming, laborious and also prone to errors.
Spectrum ERP provides features for rate setting, based on various parameters such as different raw material types, activities, number of sets etc. It also sets rates for different type of towers such as Transmission Line Tower, Railways etc. This makes contractor bills clearing faster, easier and more accurate.

  Dispatch & Invoicing

Spectrum ERP helps perform following activities related to Dispatch & Invoicing. It can generate Packing lists, prepare checklist for Dispatch documentation and prepare Dispatch Challans. Spectrum ERP also helps prepare location wise dispatch advise and packing lists. It also helps Grade selection (MS, HT etc) in packing list and Invoicing as per material grade (MS, HT). . Spectrum ERP also prepares invoices and integrate it with e-Way Bills.

  Tally Integration

Spectrum ERP can be seamlessly integrated with Tally ERP. Spectrum ERP with Tally integration is a direct single step data transfer feature to export vouchers from Spectrum ERP to Tally. You can choose to integrate only select operation data or go for maximum integration.

Transmission Line Tower Industry Specific Reporting

Spectrum ERP comes with a suite of standard reports created for the Transmission Line Tower Industry. This includes Galvanizing related reports, Production or Material Aging Report, Contractor-wise Balances Summary Report etc. In addition, we also provide customized reports if required.

  Client Success Stories

Spectrum ERP for Transmission Industry has been successfully implemented at Vijay Transmission.

Read more about our Client Success Stories: Vijay Transmission.

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