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Mining Industries are spread across multiple locations; involve very high investments in machineries and man power. Mining industries involves multi modal transportation & multiple carriers; so the Logistics and Supply Chain is very complex and needs to be monitored closely. There are very stringent rules and regulations relating to Quality & Government Compliances. Mining Industries operations face such unique challenges, hence it s imperative for Mining Industries to invest in an ERP Software which will help to integrate important business processes, from various locations, provide real time view of financials, and help make informed decisions to improve profitability.

Spectrum ERP Software for Mining Industry

Spectrum ERP provides Material Management, Planning & Production, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Distribution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll and Plant Maintenance module. Spectrum ERP also has Business Intelligence solution and Mobile Apps for workforce to be connected. Spectrum ERP can also be seamlessly integrated with Tally Software.

Key Modules of Spectrum ERP for Mining Industry

Spectrum ERP for Mining Industry has modules designed, configured as per the unique requirements of Mining Industry. Spectrum ERP helps to integrate and streamline critical business processes such as procurement, inventory management, supply chain, asset management, payroll and finance to ensure profitability

  Multi-Location Integration

Spectrum ERP Multi-Company feature helps integrate diversified business processes from multiple locations. This improves collaboration and coordination across various locations, units and departments. Management is able to view real-time, consolidated data as well as detailed transaction level data and make informed decisions.

  Efficient Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics is a vital element of the Mining Industry. It involves different modes of transport such as road, rail, water and various carriers such as trucks, rail-racks, ships etc. We provide logistics related features to handle bulk transportation, freight order, freight invoicing. Spectrum ERP records all transactions involving transportation via rail, road, water and also records accounting and compliances requirements in Logistics.

  Order to Cash Cycle

Order to cash (OTC or O2C) is primarily the business process which involves receiving orders from customers for goods or services and fulfilling them as per customer requirements. This cycle involves sub processes such as documentation of order received, schdule for order delivery, order shipment, invoice generation, payment received, payment recorded. Spectrum ERP has incorporated all the features to ensure an efficient Order to Cash Cycle.

  Purchase to Pay Cycle

Purchase to Pay also known as Procure to Pay, is essentially the business process that covers aspects of procurement of raw materials, consumable & capital items. It involves sub processes such as requesting for goods or services, purchasing, receiving, paying and accounting for raw materials, consumable & capital items.
Our e-Procurement solution automates and streamlines procurement processes. This enables efficient and transparent procurement of raw materials, consumable & capital items. It ensures that right materials are available at the right time in the right quantity at the right place.

  Material Requirement Planning

Mining Industry is material intensive industry. Mining Industries must avoid situations of stock out or overstocking in all possible ways. Hence, inventory control and material requirement planning are critical for Mining Industry. Spectrum ERP supports demand planning, based on manual forecast, past consumption data, fixed level inventories as well as adhoc material requirements. We also provide different type of material classification such as ABC, XYZ and other analytical reports to plan and execute material requirement planning. Our Material Requirement Planning reduces wastage, ensures adequate inventory and enables timely order completion.

  Asset Management

Spectrum ERP helps monitor all equipments, smooth functioning of equipments, optimize equipment efficiency and operating costs. Spectrum ERP Asset Management Module is capable of handling:
Asset Management: It maintain records of all equipments, their locations, equipment wise AMC Contracts, spares & warranty details.
Plant Maintenance: It helps to set conditions that trigger maintenance. It helps to record and carry out activities of preventive and breakdown maintenance.
Inspection: It provides a daily log for maintenance and inspection entry.
Vehicle Management: Mining Industries require lot of Vehicles for its Operations. Spectrum ERP supports features for operations and maintenance of Vehicles in the Asset Management Module.

  Weighbridge Integration

You can integrate weighbridge operation directly with Spectrum ERP. All Material Movement activities such as raw material being received, dispatched, or internal transfers can be captured directly in Spectrum ERP. You can integrate a single weighbridge or multiple weighbridges with connected operations within a single company. This helps keep a close watch on inward and outward movement of raw materials. Since weighbridge data can be captured directly into Spectrum ERP it helps to prepare Good received notes, Dispatch documents, etc.


Spectrum ERP Payroll module helps to automates certain payroll activities thereby improving capabilities and accuracy of HR department. Spectrum ERP maintains employee personal information, annual leave, advances etc. It can be integrated with major attendance access machines. This saves time, in processing payroll information, preparing pay slips, registers etc.


Spectrum ERP Real Time Integrated Finance Module consolidates financial data from multiple business units, divisions and GST registered units in to a single database. This provides better support for accounting standards, statutory requirements. Helps monitors data of costing, valuation, cash flow, profitability and MIS to ensure accurate reporting.

  Statutory Requirement

Mining Industry has to comply with stringent government rules and regulations. It also involves a lot of documents compliances with respect to GST, TDS, etc. Spectrum ERP is equipped to handle all these government documentation.

  Specific Reporting

Spectrum ERP comes with a suite of standard reports created for the Mining Industry. This includes precise reports designed as per their key performance indicators and dashboards. In addition, we also provide customized reports if required.

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