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ERP Software for Fabrication Industry | Metal Fabrication ERP

Fabrication Industry provides structures, components and machines to a wide range of industries like Chemical, Mining, Railways, Fertilizers, Shipping, Cement, Sugar etc. Fabrication requires a variety of raw materials, involves various production & inspection activities, logistics and dispatches. Hence has a complex supply chain operation. Manufacturing the right products, maintaining the right material and quality specifications, maintaining deliveries on time, optimizing supply chain, and achieving profitability are the key challenges for Fabrication Industry. ERP for Fabrication industry helps overcome all these challenges. Let us read more

Spectrum ERP for Metal Fabrication Industry

Spectrum ERP provides Material Management, Planning & Production, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Distribution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll and Plant Maintenance module. Our Spectrum ERP provides business intelligence solution and mobility features to help stay connected and informed. Spectrum ERP can also be seamlessly integrated with Tally Software.

Key Modules of Spectrum ERP Software for Fabrication Industry

Spectrum ERP Software for Fabrication Industry has modules designed keeping in mind specific and unique requirements of Fabrication Industry. Spectrum ERP helps Fabrication manufacturers to automate and integrate their business processes. Spectrum ERP helps manage manufacturing costs, ensure product quality and monitor supply chain closely to ensure profitability.

Enquiry, Estimations & Quotations

Spectrum ERP is capable of handling all pre-sales activities related to Enquiry, Estimations & Quotations. It helps record enquiries into the system, prepare estimation Bill of Material against specific enquiry, prepare detailed Quotations based on the Estimation, and even helps revise quotations after feedback. This significantly saves time to prepare quotations and estimates. It also maintains information about quotations lost to competitors and records reasons for future analysis.

Order Management

Spectrum ERP is capable of handling all activities related to Order management and optimizing the order management process. It enables tracking orders, manufacturing, supply and delivery activities in a single order management system.
It also helps to manage all manufacturing order and supply order related activities in a single place. It also helps to create order categories, manage delivery schedules, record shipment details & requirements, ensure correct documentation, records payments terms & conditions in a single place.

Bill of Material (BOM)

Spectrum ERP has a very comprehensive Bill of Material module. Our BOM can be used for both Make to Order fabrication as well as Make to Stock fabrication. It provides a complete list of raw materials, assemblies, sub-assemblies, components and their precise quantity. It also helps to record details of whether components are to be manufactured or bought out. We offer a variety of BOM features such as Estimation BOM, Manufacturing BOM, Multi-Level BOM, Structural BOM. It provides BOM revisions feature which makes the updated and correct BOM version available to all concerned.

Engineering Change Management

Sometimes, change management is required to accommodate a change in design or a change in BOM in an ongoing manufacturing order. Spectrum ERP is capable of identifying areas of impact of change management and providing features for handling change management process. We tightly integrate BOM revisions with procurement and manufacturing process. It makes provisions for rejecting items or reworking items which are changed. It releases Job cards and Work orders for manufacturing activities to track & monitor changes.

Third Party Nesting Solutions Integration

Fabrication industries use Nesting software or cutting plans to fit multiple patterns in a single sheet to ensure minimum wastage. Spectrum ERP can be integrated with 3rd party cutting plan/nesting software. This 3rd party integration can be done at the material planning level or at the job card level.

Routing & Activity Planning

Every fabrication order may have a separate route and activity requirement. Spectrum ERP helps define various production and inspection activities as per order requirement. It defines the route and activity at the BOM level. It helps define input, output, time and labour required for all activities at the BOM level.

Material Requirement Planning

Spectrum ERP provides a Robust MRP solution. It generates material requirement based on Bill of Material & Production Plan. It also enables material planning for consumables & spare parts. This helps in determining the complete demand planning including all critical factors such as lead time, source of supply etc.

Integrated Procurement, Inventory Solution

Spectrum ERP procurement module, inventory module, and warehouse module are tightly integrated with the Production module. This helps to procure the right material, in the right quantity at the right time. This helps managing demand planning, supply of material and inventory controls to ensure overall lean inventory.

Specific Raw Material Module

Spectrum ERP has specially developed Raw Material Module suitable for Fabrication Industry. Typically procured raw materials are measured in kilograms (KG) or Tons. However, in manufacturing operations, materials are consumed in millimeter(MM). Hence unit conversion is a very important activity in Fabrication industry. Spectrum ERP helps maintain records of special makes and even lot specific details such as heat number, plate number etc. Spectrum ERP helps tracking project wise material consumption, length and width wise stock details, scrap management etc.

Work Order & Job Cards

Spectrum ERP provides Work Orders and Job Cards for Production activities. It helps define raw material, resources required, processes and timelines to execute Job Cards. Spectrum ERP can generate varieties of Jobs cards such as Job Cards for Primary Jobs, Rework Jobs, Rejection Jobs, Change in BOM Jobs, Shortages etc. These Job Cards can be assigned to in-house employees or third party contractors. Job Cards are also useful to control material consumption and process contractor bills.

Production Reporting & Inspection

Production Reporting is used to track actual Production at shop floor. It provides a choice of maintaining; either a summary or detailed record; of production and inspection activities. It helps identify current status of production process, bottlenecks in production and highlights problem areas.
Spectrum ERP also provides detailed features and functionalities related to Inspection, Rework & Rejection. It lets you define inspection activities and provides special screens for inspection call and inspection entry. Spectrum ERP provides Job Cards to carry out Rework Jobs and Rejection Jobs.

Dispatch & Invoicing

Spectrum ERP helps perform following activities related to Dispatch & Invoicing. It can generate Packing lists, prepare checklist for Dispatch documentation and prepare Dispatch Challans. Spectrum ERP also prepares invoices and integrate it with e-Way Bills.

Tally Integration

Spectrum ERP can be seamlessly integrated with Tally ERP. This provides the power of Spectrum ERP along with the flexibility of Tally. It helps implement best business practices in organizations without impacting their Accounting practices. Spectrum ERP with Tally integration is a direct single step data transfer feature to export vouchers from Spectrum ERP to Tally. You can choose to integrate only select operation data or go for maximum integration.

Estimation and Costing

Spectrum ERP enables creation of thorough estimates taking into consideration materials and production activities required. It also helps in calculating actual costs for orders by taking into consideration accurate material landing costs and activity based costing. It also enables to compare actual costs versus estimates to identify the variance and areas of improvement.

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