Spectrum ERP Case Study – Pipes Tubes Manufacturer – ISKCON Strips

Successful implementation of ERP software in pipes and tubes manufacturing company.

About Isckon Strips

Incepted in 2004, Iskcon Strips Private Limited is a reputed organization engrossed in manufacturing and supplying of Mild Steel Strips, Mild Steel Angles, Mild Steel Pipes, TMT Bars, Mild Steel Channels, Scaffolding Pipes etc.

One Glance Summary of Spectrum ERP Case Study of ISKCON Strips

Challenges Solutions Impact
Needed a Solution to cater to the specific needs of Pipe and Tube manufactures Spectrum ERP full suite implementation. Solutions specifically configured for Pipe and Tube manufactures All Business departments tied together and centralized with Spectrum ERP Solution
Needed to implement business discipline Implemented Standard Business Procedures with Spectrum ERP Mature, Disciplined and aligned Business Processes
Required Urgent Implementation Implemented Spectrum ERP solution in just 30 days Improved Business Response & Cycle Time
Absence of real-time accounting and need for a unified MIS system Provided a single and centralized MIS solution with real-time data access Management better informed about current status. Better visibility to make business decisions

Challenges faced by ISKCON Strips:

  • They were looking for a solution to cater to their specific requirements in Pipes & tubes manufacturing
  • They wanted to implement business discipline and improve their business operations They did not have an MIS with facility for real time data visibility
  • They wanted to carry out implementation within minimum time frame

SSpectrum ERP Solution implementation:

  • We provided Full suite Spectrum ERP implementation. The solution was configured to meet the specific needs of Pipes and Tubes Manufacturing Industry.
  • We implemented Standard Business Procedures with Spectrum ERP to improve business operations.
  • We Provided centralized MIS solution with real-time data access for Management.

Impact of Spectrum ERP Implementation:

With Spectrum ERP Software, Iskcon Strips were able to achieve the following results

  • All Business departments were tied together.
  • They now have mature, disciplined and aligned Business Processes
  • With real-time data now being available, Management have better visibility about current status and able to take quicker & more informed actions.

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