Spectrum ERP Case Study – Integrated Steel Industry – Niros Ispat

Successful Implementation of ERP Software in Integrated Steel Industry

About Niros Ispat

Niros Ispat manufactures sponge iron, power, M.S. ingots and M.S. pipes.

One Glance Summary of Spectrum ERP Case Study of Niros Ispat

Challenges Solutions Impact
Need to Integrate diversified businesses Spectrum ERP full suite implementation. Solution specifically configured for Integrated Steel industry All Business verticals tied together and centralized with Spectrum ERP Solution
Manage Large Volume of Transactions ERP Solution tuned to handle large volumes of transactions Saved significant time required in preparing large and Complex reports
Lack of Standard Business Procedures Implemented Standard Business Procedures with Spectrum ERP Mature, Disciplined and aligned Business Processes
Information present in Silos Centralized Repository for single view and real-time access to data Single Source of accurate Information to make business decisions.

Challenges faced by Niros Ispat:

  • Niros Ispat needed to integrate their diversified business
  • They had to manage large volume of transactions and business activities
  • Standard business procedure were not in place
  • Information was present in Silos and not available at central location
  • Managers did not have access to single accurate data to make well-informed decisions

Spectrum ERP Solution implementation:

  • We carried out full suite Spectrum ERP implementation with all standard modules with Solution configured for Steel Industry
  • ERP solution was performance tuned in order to enable handling large volumes of data.
  • We implemented standard business procedures with Spectrum ERP.
  • We created a centralized repository for single view easy access to real time data for making informed decisions

Impact of Spectrum ERP Implementation:

  • All Business verticals tied together with Spectrum ERP Solution
  • Spectrum ERP ensured mature, disciplined and aligned Business Processes
  • Central repository ensured Single Source of accurate data to make business decisions.
  • Saved significant time required in preparing large and Complex reports

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