Spectrum ERP Case Study – Elevator Industry – Eros Elevators

Successful Spectrum ERP Software implementation in Elevator Industry

About Eros Elevators

EROS manufactures state of the art elevators including; gearless machine room-less elevators for automobile elevators & passenger elevators, along with standard passenger, freight, hospital, and hydraulic home lifts. Each elevator is uniquely designed as per building requirements.

One Glance Summary of Spectrum ERP Case Study of Eros Elevators

Challenges Solutions Impact
Manual generation of Bill of Materials and Manual Drawings for different variations of Elevators We designed Elevator- model specific Bill of Materials and General Arrangement Drawings (GAD) generation solution Speed & Automation in BOM & GAD make them more agile in Pre-sales activities
Generating Elevator Quotes was time consuming Provided Auto generation of Quotes based on certain parameters. Quote Generation time reduced from 2 hours to 5 minutes. Helps Sales team to focus more on Clients
Proper Material Planning and Supply Chain was a problem Provided Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Supply Chain solution along with Spectrum ERP Improved Material Planning and Supply Chain helped cave cost and time and improved customer satisfaction
Standard Business Processes of Approvals or Waivers were not in place Provided Business Specific Approval & Waiver mechanism Management is now able to focus on “Exceptions”
Determining Elevator-wise Profit & Loss was problematic Provided Order wise Specific Estimation and Cost Statements for calculating Elevator-wise P&L Improved visibility of Order-wise Profit & Loss. Helpful in identifying focus areas of business.

Challenges faced by Eros Elevators:

  • Manual generation of Bill of Material and Manual Drawing for variations of elevators.
  • Generation of Elevator Quotes was a very time consuming process.
  • Quote generation process involved multiple stages like elevator design, bill of material, material planning, production planning, dispatch, financial planning and many others.
  • Standard process of approval & waiver were not in place
  • Determining elevator wise profit and loss was problematic

Spectrum ERP Solution implementation:

  • Designed Elevator specific solution that automated BOM preparation, General Arrangement Drawings (GAD) in AutoCAD.
  • We automated quote generation process.
  • We provided business process and workflow like waiver mechanism, order approval process etc
  • We provided Material Requirement Planning & Supply Chain solution along with ERP
  • We provided order-wise estimation and cost statements for calculating elevator-wise profit and loss

Impact of Spectrum ERP Implementation:

  • They achieved speed and automation in BOM & GAD and become more agile in pre-sales activities.
  • Quote generation time reduced from couple of hours to 5 minutes. Sales teams can focus on clients, giving them a competitive advantage.
  • Management able to focus on “exceptions”, increase in operation efficiency and control of their business.
  • Improved supply chain efficiency has customer satisfaction.
  • Improved visibility of order-wise profit & loss helps in identifying business focus areas

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