Spectrum ERP Case Study – Chemical Industry – Aparna Carbons

Here is a case study of successful Spectrum ERP implementation in Chemical Company

About Aparna Carbons

Aparna Carbons are producers of coal chemicals having a wide range of products like Bender Grade & Impregnation Grade Coal Tar Pitch, Disinfectant Grade & Wood preservative Grade Creosote Oil, HP Naphthalene etc.

One Glance Summary of Spectrum ERP Case Study of Aparna Carbons

Challenges Solutions Impact
Multi-location Business Integrated Web Enabled ERP Saved Time Effort & Money
Need to Standardize Business Practices Implemented Spectrum ERP – designed with Standard Business Practices View KPIs at Business Function levels
Need to Integrate Business Operations Integrated Operations with Spectrum ERP well integrated modules Consolidated Information, Better Analysis and planning
Required Urgent Integration Implemented Spectrum ERP solution in just 30 days Improved Business Response & Cycle Time
Looking for Ready to Use solution with Minimum or No Customization Full Suite Spectrum ERP implementation Improved Resource Utilization, Productivity and Operations

Challenges faced by Aparna Carbons:

  • Aparna Carbons business is present in different geographical locations.
  • They wanted to standardize their business practices and integrate all their business operation on an urgent & immediate basis.
  • They were looking for solutions fit for their business with minimum or no customizations

Spectrum ERP Solution implementation:

  • We implemented full-suite Spectrum ERP designed with Standard Business Practices in 30 days at 2 different geographical locations for Aparna Carbons Pvt. Ltd.
  • We gave them an end to end ERP solution that covered material management, sales and distribution, finance, production, payroll and weighbridges integration
  • We enabled option to view consolidated summary reports to transactional reports for various departments
  • We provided automation, validations and controls at various business processes
  • We created events based notifications, alerts
  • We created business specific reports to help management focus on transactions needing attention

Impact of Spectrum ERP Implementation:

  • Significant savings in time, efforts & money.
  • Management can view KPI at different business functions
  • Consolidated information leads to better analysis and planning for business performance measurement
  • Notably Improved Business Response & Cycle time
  • Improved utilization of resources, productivity and operations

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