erp software evaluation

Steps for ERP selection process

Why to follow proper ERP selection process Many ERP systems showcase the same modules but the difference can be found out in their details. It is necessary to proper ERP evaluation should be done before implementing it as there are tons of options available in the market and you have to shortlist on which ERP best suits your business so that you don’t waste valuable time and effort. Various steps involved in ERP selection process are:- Steps for ERP selection process are Step 1: Assess your business process Different businesses have different needs and hence require their business specif...
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How to evaluate “Best ERP for Indian SMEs”

In the competitive markets of India you cannot be parochial; you have to understand the modern ways, the current market condition, and the needs of the customers for people to buy what you are selling. ERP is helping many SME’s in India and around the world in increasing their profit and make the best use of resources. ERP will change your way of manufacturing, finance, sales as well as CRM so it is necessary to evaluate ERP before implementing it. So how to evaluate a good ERP? There several factors to evaluate a good ERP but before starting to evaluate an ERP, first requirements that are nee...
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