Spectrum ERP Production Planning Module

production management system

ERP Production Planning Module

Production Planning is a technique which helps manufacturing SMEs to make optimum use of raw materials, equipments, machinery, components, resources in Production process. It takes into account historical data & sales forecasting in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

A well organized production planning proce also reduces idle time, minimizes maintenance costs, eliminates bottlenecks, and keeps inventory levels under control. Effectively it helps reduce production costs and cycle times of production & enables faster time to market.

Components of Spectrum ERP Production Planning Module

Spectrum ERP Production Planning Module has various components related to Product Structure, Production Planning, Material Planning, Manufacturing Executions, Subcontract, Costing.

Integration with other Modules of Spectrum ERP

Spectrum ERP Production Planning Module is well integrated with core modules such as Inventory, Procurement, Sales & Finance. This ensures that production process is well coordinated and efficient.

Mobility & Reporting Features of Spectrum ERP Production Planning Module

We have made certain important functions and reports of Spectrum ERP Production Planning Module available at the click of a button on your Mobile, so that you can take decisions and perform actions anytime, from anywhere.

  • View Bill of Material
  • View Production Planning
  • Raise Material Requests
  • View Job Cards
  • Perform Inspection and Production entries
  • Read Production Report and access Dashboard on mobile

Functions of Spectrum ERP Production Planning Module

Product Structure

Supports all activities related to Bill of Materials preparations, revisions and so on.

  • Prepares Multilevel bill of material (for Make to Order & Make to Stock productions)
  • Records Revisions of bill of material and engineering change management
  • Defines Production activities
  • Enables Drawing receipts for Bill of Material
  • Prepares Bill of Resource

Material Planning

Supports all process for Material planning based on production plan

  • Helps Planning for make, buy and subcontract
  • Integrates with inventory and procurement


Records details of all subcontracting orders

  • Records whether Subcontract is for an item or a specific activity
  • Records details of Subcontract with or without material scope
  • Enables Integration with job card for in-house subcontractors

Production Planning

Supports mapping BOM with production, activity plan.

  • Defines Process plan
  • Enables BOM item activity mapping
  • Records Production scheduling
  • Defines Route and activity planning

Manufacturing Executions

Supports all manufacturing execution activities right from work order to inspections

  • Prepares Work order and job cards
  • Ensures Material control
  • Records Production and consumption entry
  • Enables Resource & activity tracking
  • Integrates with procurement, inventory & quality
  • Enables Drawing Receipt Details
  • Records Details of Inspection, Rework & Rejection


Enables recording of costs at various levels from item wise, raw material wise, activity wise to product wise costing. This is useful for analysis purposes a Also cost estimates v/s actual costs. enables

  • Activity and material based costing
  • Product wise costing