Digital edge: Keep business ahead from competition

it in businessTechnology is advancing everyday now and with the advancement of technology way of doing business has also changed. IT in business has become one of the necessities, organizations have to adapt fast to do business in this digital age or they will get left behind. Customers today want a better response time, good quality , fast delivery and services, to match these expectations business owners need better integration among their cross functional activities.

Successful implementation of IT in business depends on 3 factors:-

Prepare digital back bone

  • it in businessKeeping data in a paper is of no use now; use IT to store data that is easily accessible when needed and can be converted to MIS whenever needed.
  • Provide access to data to Middle managers should have access to as much business data as senior executives.
  • Meeting for Status Updates is a thing of the past. If it is still happening in your organization it’s a sign of poor information flow.  Make status update process digital hence saving a lot of time and effort.
  • Integrate with your partners (i.e. vendors & customers) using IT. IT in business will help in making the organization leaner.
  • Information is one of the crucial factors in an organization. Use IT in business to get the right information to the right person on right time.
  • Change Sales Manager to Business Manager

it in businessTransform your business through IT

  • Use IT as a strategic resource and implement IT in all aspects and operation to use IT to its full capability.
  • Use mobile devices to empower your people; it will help in connecting people from HO to ground level hence making communication direct and easy.
  • Bring IT under management deliberation & strategy
  • Step back periodically to take overview at your process and find out if anything is still wrong.
  • Learn how the market scenario is changing and change your business according to it.

Stay Ahead in Competitionit in business

  • Once the redundant tasks are automated use employees in your business in a way where they can be creative and innovative and hence find new ways to help your organization.
  • Set a clear objective on how you want to do your business and what is your target.
  • Build up your corporate IQ with the help of knowledge management and use this in various sectors like in a new project or while developing a new product.
  • Find out customers expectation. Try to make your product or services as close to it as possible without compromising with the quality
  • Collect feedbacks from your current clients to look for your shortcomings and improve them to make your business better.

In today’s market it is necessary to have an IT business strategy and IT business management in place. IT for small businesses can help them in working smartly and will give them opportunity to grow.

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