GST return format

Know about GST return format , GSTR-1 filling, GSTR-2 filling and GSTR-3 filling  by reading the articles below:

GSTR-3 Filing

GSTR-3 filing has to be done by every GST registered business till 20th of each month. This form will be filed automatically on the basis of outward supplies and inward supplies with the payment of tax furnished in GSTR-1 filing and GSTR-2 filing. Different headings for GSTR-3 filing are:- 1. GST identification number 2. Name of taxable person 3. Address 4. Period (month-year) 5. Turnover Details: This will include turnover of all the supplies. Total turnover needs to be differentiated between: i.)  Taxable Turnover ii.)  Export Turnover iii.) Nil rated and Exempted Turnover iv.)  No...
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GSTR-2 filing

GSTR-2 filing has to be done by a registered taxable recipient, it will include details of all inward supplies of taxable goods and services .The due date of filing this form is 15th of each month. GSTR-2 filing headings are explained below:- 1. Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number (GSTIN) 2. Name of the Taxpayer 3. Inward Supplies from Registered Taxable Person: Most of this will be auto populated from GSTR-1 filing. Any further claim can be added by the registered person. The buyer can manually include these details. 4. Amendments to Details of Inward Supplies Received in E...
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GSTR-1 Filing

Every registered taxable person is required to submit the details of outward supplies in the GSTR-1 filing. This return is required to be filed within 10 days from the end of the tax period, or the transaction month. GSTR-1 filing form has a total of 13 headings as explained below:- 1. Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number (GSTIN). 2. Name of the taxpayer. 3. Gross turnover of the taxpayer in the previous financial year. 4. Taxable outward supplies made to registered persons (including UIN-holders) other than supplies covered: Information about all the taxable supplies made by...
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GST Return filing

GST return filing will be mandatory for all GST registered businesses irrespective of if there was any activity / sale during the return filing period. GST registration holder would have to file GSTR-1: detailing outward supplies until 10th of each month, GSTR-2: detailing inward supplies until 15th of each month GSTR-3: monthly return until 20th of each month. Composite dealers have to file GSTR-4 instead of GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3 Here is a brief explanation on GST return filing type GSTR-1: It has to be filled by registered taxable supplier, it will include details of all outwa...
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