Importance of ERP Project Team in ERP Implementation Success

ERP Project Team

Importance of ERP Project Team

“If Everyone is Moving Forward Together, Then Success Takes Care of Itself” – Henry Ford

ERP Implementation is a big task and impacts every business function of the organization. It involves a lot of time, energy, and efforts, from everyone in the organization. Considering implementing ERP in your organization? Start forming your ERP Project Team now.

Wondering who should be part of the ERP Team? What should be the ERP Project Team Structure? What are the roles and responsibilities of the ERP project team members? Let us now learn more about all these important aspects of assembling your ERP Project Team.

Why set up an ERP Project Team?

A band of musicians can play a perfect harmony or end up making noise. It depends on how well synchronized they are!  Similarly, when the Project Team has a sound understanding of the need for ERP and its contribution towards the improvement of the organization, only then, the team will work wholeheartedly and in sync to achieve the desired objectives. The company will be able to implement an effective business solution. Having a dedicated, committed ERP Implementation Team will ensure a smooth and successful ERP Implementation.

When to set up an ERP Project Team?

Start forming your ERP Implementation Project Team even before ERP selection. You must have representatives from key business areas, who can pinpoint areas requiring business improvement. This will enable you to have a clear vision and strategy for ERP Implementation and facilitate selecting the right ERP Software that caters to your specific business requirements.

Who should be part of the ERP Team? What should be the structure of an ERP Project Team?

ERP Project implementation typically involves 2 teams. The ERP Project Team from your organization and the ERP Consultant/Vendor Project Team.

You must have a Senior Management Executive/Project Owner/Project Sponsor from your company, a Project Manager, and Subject Matter Experts from each function. You should also have a person responsible for Change Management in your ERP Team. He/She could be the Project Manager or the Project Owner or any individual identified for the specific task.

From the ERP Software Consultant/Vendor side, there has to be an Account Manager who will manage customer relations, a Project Manager who will be responsible for the day to day activities, and Technical & Functional Experts who coordinate with your Subject matter experts.

Both teams must work in close coordination with each other and have a very clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities for smooth, successful, and on-time completion of ERP implementation.

What are the ERP Project Team Roles & Responsibilities?

Let us now look at the ERP project team structure. We will also learn the ERP implementation team roles and responsibilities in detail.

1. Senior Management / Project Sponsor / Project Owner from your Organization

  • Key Decision Maker in the Entire Process
  • Build Consensus about the Vision, Goals & Objectives of ERP Implementation
  • Provide Full Support to ERP Project Team for allocation of budget, time & resources
  • Ensure that ERP Implementation gets the due importance, priority & commitment
  • Conduct periodic reviews to monitor the progress & take corrective actions if required

2. Project Managers (From Both Sides – Your Company & ERP Software Vendor Side)

The Project Managers are entrusted with the responsibility that the ERP Project is completed as defined in the Project scope, on time, and within a defined budget. Project Managers on both sides coordinate and perform responsibilities that include but are not limited to:

  • Finalize milestones, deliverables, and deadlines
  • Establish proper communication between all stakeholders
  • Obtain Process definition approvals, Project documents approvals & more
  • Identify probable risks & establish risk mitigation plans
  • Schedule & Conduct regular Reviews/Status Meetings to monitor progress
  • Communicate ERP Project progress to stakeholders and relevant members

3. Subject Matter Experts / Functional Experts / Key Users of ERP

These are the people from your company who know the core business process and practices such as Manufacturing, Procurement, Inventory, Finance & Accounting, Sales & more. They are expected to coordinate with the Functional experts from the ERP Software vendors team and :

  • Actively participate in defining the business requirements
  • Ensure availability for complete and correct data & information when required
  • Take ownership of their module & see the activity through completion

4. Change Management Individual / Team

Change Management Individual or Team is responsible to obtain consensus and active participation of all stakeholders within and outside the company by openly communicating with them and eliminating their doubts/fears about changes. Their job requires them to:

  • Inform & Educate employees, customers, vendors about upcoming changes with ERP
  • Set expectations about how data will be collected in ERP, how reports can be seen etc.
  • Help everyone to understand ERP benefits & adjust to the new way of working with ERP

5. Functional / Technical Consultants from ERP Software Vendor Side

Functional Team Members of the ERP Software Vendor Team are responsible for:

  • Establishing industry best-practices and standard business processes
  • Carrying out functional business process testing
  • Imparting training to end-users
  • Providing post-go-live support for an agreed period

Technical Team Members of the ERP Software Vendor Team are expected to:

  • Prepare the production environment
  • Complete technical tasks during the run-up to production.


Great Things in Business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of People. ERP Software implementation is about people, process, culture. Your ERP Project success will be determined by the ERP Team. Select your best resources to put the right & committed ERP Project Team in place for ensuring successful ERP implementation.

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