Why is it difficult to implement ERP in Small and Medium Enterprises?

ERP implementation issuesERP implementation issues

ERP helps in making a business better by ensuring that right information can be acquired by right person in right time easily but there can be various ERP implementation issues for the organization which can cause loss of time and effort for both the vendors and for the organization. To make the implementation process easier organization has to make sure that the ERP they are going for is right for their business. There are several factors that are needed to be taken into consideration before choosing an ERP. These factors are:-

Factors to be considered before going for ERP implementation

ERP implementation issuesIf you want the best out of your investment, ERP have to be implemented properly and that requires a through amount of discipline, patience and support. Bringing the technology to your business is not the hard part but changing the organization habits i.e. teaching them to depend more on technology rather than on parochial ways is more cumbersome. Top challenges that your company will come across during ERP implementation are:-


Setting clear objective for IT/ERPERP implementation issues

The first challenge with implementing ERP software knows what processes or systems should be integrated, and which ones shouldn’t. Maybe your organization is already using software for CRM or a separate module for finance, do you need your new ERP integrated with them? Does your new ERP support this integration? This question often arises during ERP implementation.

This becomes even more complicated in a large organization where different business divisions view each other as competition, or good old fashioned office politics gets in the way. Decision makers often don’t know fully what the ERP system is capable of when they’re planning the system. To prevent this do a thorough research on various ERP’s before selecting one and go through its features and whether it could be integrated with your current software’s or not.

Clear implementation goals

ERP implementation often seems hard because implementation is done without a goal in mind. Without goals, your ERP implementation issuesimplementation is sure to be directionless. This can lead to even more challenges and frustration.

Designate who your implementation team is at the beginning. Understand each team member’s goals and departmental needs by the end of the ERP implementation.

Always work with your goals in sight, but understand that needs could change throughout the implementation process.

CustomizationERP implementation issues

One of the most common beliefs is ERP requires high amount of customization during implementation which requires an extensive amount of time but often what a company is buying is not a packaged solution, but a framework with which to build a solution. Understanding your ERP’s framework and how it applies to your business will help you uncover the best way in implementing your ERP solution.

Is the ERP flexible enough for your business?

ERP implementation issuesAnother challenge of an ERP implementation is dealing with the flexibility of your chosen ERP software. An ERP system that is not flexible may force an adopter to change their business processes to fit the ERP system model.

Doing good research before choosing an ERP solution to find out which one fits your business best is the way to avoid this problem. Be aware of how exactly your ERP will affect your business processes. Know what types of changes you’re going to have to make, and prepare for them.


Is it worth it for SMEs to put in all the effort to implement ERP despite of ERP implementation issues?ERP implementation issues

Despite various issues in ERP implementation, an ERP is a resource that is here to stay. It can significantly improve an organization’s workflows, business, and decision making.

Doing it right is definitely worth the extra effort (and will most likely save your resources).


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