ERP for Machinery Industry

Why Industries need ERP in Machinery Industry?

Manufacturers of machinery need to address increasing market challenges with leading enterprise solutions that allow them to quickly respond to changing customer needs, operate leaner, manage complex product requirements, and manage growth without adding resources.

Spectrum ERP for Machinery Industry

Spectrum ERP for machinery industry can modernize your business with the advanced functionality you need, plus make the change more quickly and with a lower initial investment than you ever thought possible, Spectrum ERP will plan, track, and cost inventory items by customer, customer/project or contract – a capability especially important to Industrial Equipment & Machinery manufacturers. Once a project budget is set, actual labor, material, and other charges are tracked and visible in real-time. Up-to-date project actual vs. project budget numbers are just a click away. Spectrum ERP manages the supply chain, from planning and execution to the identification and correction of potential problems.

Industries under Spectrum ERP for Industrial Machinery

  • ERP for machinery
    Automobile Ancillary
  • ERP for machinery
    Lift & Elevators Industries
  • ERP for machinery
    Engine and turbines
  • ERP for machinery
    Pumps, compressors, valves, gears, bearings
  • ERP for machinery
    Industrial furnaces and burners
  • ERP for machinery
    Industrial refrigeration and air conditioning
  • ERP for machinery
    Agricultural machinery and equipments
  • ERP for machinery
    Machine tools
  • ERP for machinery
    Machines for mineral extraction and construction
  • ERP for machinery
    Machine and equipment for paper and paperboard production

Various modules under Spectrum ERP for Machinery Industry are

Spectrum ERP Material Management Module

Material Management

  • Provides inventory checks
  • Manages inventory based on production plan and material requirement planning.
  • Improves supply chain visibility, tracks Indent to payment cycle
  • Ensures availability of the right material, at the right time, in the right quantity
  • Improves cost management & analyses costs on various parameters
  • Implements Quality Management System, Lean Inventory practices
  • Provides insights into inventory trends.

Production Planning

  • Organizes Production Data better
  • Develops Realistic Plans and ensures Successful execution
  • Aligns well to your Production Goals
  • Engineers Change Management
  • Keeps a tab on WIP and costing
Spectrum ERP Planning and Production Module
Spectrum ERP Finance and Accounting Module

Finance & Accounting

  • Consolidates multiple business units, divisions and GST registered units
  • Simplifies processes such as financial consolidation, reporting, scheduling, audits etc.
  • Provides better support for accounting standards, statutory requirements
  • Implements business disciplines like credit control, payment policy, dunning etc.
  • Tracks & monitors data of costing, valuation, cash flow, profitability and MIS
  • Can be seamlessly integrated with existing Spectrum ERP module and automation of financial operations

Sales & Distribution

  • Maintains customer information, quickly creates quotes, migrates them to sales order
  • Manages customer orders, dispatch planning, packing lists
  • Integrates with logistics, accounts, inventory, quality, warranty etc.
  • Provides customer insights, competitor analysis and various reports
  • Implements best business practices of sales & distribution
  • Improves sales & service experience of customer
Spectrum ERP Sales and Distribution Module
Spectrum ERP Payroll Module


  • Maintains employee records such as personal info, annual leave, advances etc.
  • Integrates with all major attendance access machines
  • Saves time & avoids mistakes in processing payroll information, preparing pay slips, registers etc.
  • Covers statutory requirements such as PF, ESIC, various forms etc.
  • Automates certain payroll activities and reporting
  • Improves capabilities and accuracy of HR department

Plant Maintenance

  • Maintains equipment history, reduces time to get information
  • Enables making informed decisions
  • Enables better planning and execution of scheduled maintenance activities
  • Tracks costs of maintenance for each order, equipment or department
  • Can be seamlessly integrated with Material Management for planning and receiving materials
  • Implements standard business processes, maintains proper documentation
  • Measures KPIs & provides reports
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance
  • Improves uptime of equipments
Spectrum ERP Plant Maintenance Module
Spectrum ERP Business Intelligence Module

Business Intelligence

  • Removes guesswork and ensures fact based decisions
  • Provides greater control and visibility of data across the enterprise
  • Aligns company's operations with strategic goals
  • Facilitates quicker responses to your business-related queries
  • Gives access to import data such as business metrics, dashboards and critical reports
  • Provides better understanding of your business’ past, present and future.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Improves Information Organization
  • Enables better client relationships
  • Increases team collaborations
  • Improves efficiency of CRM teams in serving clients
  • Enables automation of tasks and cost saving
  • Provides analytical data and reporting for better marketing
Spectrum ERP Customer Relationship Management Module
Spectrum ERP for machinery industry provides you standard business practice solutions that will fulfill the needs of manufacturers of machinery used in critical industries such as power, material handling, transportation, electrical, and heavy equipment. We have already helped many in making their business better (read about it) we can help your business too.

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