Spectrum ERP with GST

ERP with GST

Spectrum ERP with GST

Goods and Services Tax is not only the biggest tax reform of country, it is indeed one of the biggest IT reform. With GST comes new concepts and changes in many existing concepts. Get yourself prepared for it by Spectrum ERP with GST. We cover following GST cases for manufacturing in our product:

GST Master Setup

ERP with GST

  • Vendor, Customer locations and GSTIN No
  • Suppliers Registration Type (Unregistered, Composite, Full Register)
  • HSN and Code for Items
  • Item wise taxation
  • Define Goods & Service Tax and Formula

GST Cases in Job Work

  • From Unregistered Job Worker
  • From Registered Job Worker
  • Stock Transfer
  • Stock Transfer from One Job Worker’s to Another
  • Sales from Job Worker’s Premises

GST Cases in Purchase

ERP with GST

  • Purchase from Unregistered Customer
  • Purchase from Registered Supplier
  • Purchase from Exempted Supplier
  • Capital Goods Purchase
  • Dropship of Goods
  • Consignment
  • Import Purchase
  • Purchase Return

GST Cases in Sales

  • Sales to Unregistered Customer
  • Sales to Registered Customer
  • Sales to Exempted Customer
  • Capital Goods Sales
  • Dropship Sale
  • Consignment Sale
  • Export Sale
  • Sales Return

GST Cases in Logistics

  • Inward Logistics
  • Outward Logistics
  • Multiple Route Cases

GST Cases in Inventory

  • Raw Material Stock
  • Consumable Stock
  • Semi-Finished Goods
  • Finished Goods
  • Capital Goods
  • Stock Transfer

GST Cases in Accounts

ERP with GST

  • Debit Note on Sales & Purchase
  • Credit Note on Sales & Purchase
  • Supplement Invoice for Sales & Purchase
  • Advance Payment or Receipt
  • Payment or Receipt
  • Refund against Receipt
  • Direct Refund

MIS for Returns

ERP with GST

  • GSTR – 1 Outwards supplies
  • GSTR – 2 Inwards supplier
  • GSTR – 3 Monthly returns
  • GSTR – 6 ISD returns
  • GSTR – 7 TDS return
  • GSTR – 9 Annual return