Spectrum ERP Case Study – Engineering – Indo Chains

About Indo Chains

Indo Chains is a renowned, Industrial & Engineering Class, Chain manufacturing & solution providing company. They are engaged in the manufacturing, exporting, and supplying a wide variety of Industrial Chains.

One Glance Summary of Spectrum ERP Case Study of Indo Chains

Needed a solution to improve Supply Chain operationsProvided full Suite Spectrum ERP implementation with Supply Chain capabilities such as Central Procurement Solution, Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Warehousing etcIndo Chains was able to consolidate, monitor and control their supply chain activities effectively
Need to keep inventory under controlProvided Spectrum ERP Solution with Inventory Administration capabilitiesIntroduced lean inventory practices, management based on production plan and MRP. Provides insights into inventory trends.
Lack of Standard Business Procedures. Need to implement business disciplineImplemented Standard Business Procedures with Spectrum ERPMature, Disciplined and aligned Business Processes
Information present in Silos Needed consolidated Reports to make informed decisionCentralized Repository for single view and real-time access to dataSingle source of Information saves significant time required to prepare Complex reports. Helps make informed business decisions

Challenges faced by Indo Chains:

  • Indo Chains produce tons of different kinds of chains.
  • They needed a robust supply chain to eliminated bottlenecks and ensure the right material in the right quantity at the right time.
  • They need to ensure proper Inventory management, to ensure appropriate amounts of stock are maintained by a business, to meet customer demands without delay.
  • Standard business procedures were not in place
  • Information was present in Silos and not available at central location
  • Managers did not have access to single accurate data to make well-informed decisions

Spectrum ERP Solution implementation:

  • We Provided full suite Spectrum ERP implementation with Supply Chain capabilities such as Central Procurement Solution, Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Warehousing etc
  • We Provided Spectrum ERP Solution with Inventory Administration capabilities to ensure optimum level of inventory with minimum raw material wastage
  • With Spectrum ERP, we implemented standard business processes to improve operations.
  • Our Finance & Accounting module, provided centralized MIS solution with real-time data access .
  • We created a centralized repository for single view easy access to real time data for making informed decisions

Impact of Spectrum ERP Implementation:

  • With Spectrum ERP, they have a consolidated supply chain and it is easier to monitor and control supply chain effectively
  • With Spectrum ERP Inventory Administration, we introduced lean inventory management practices. Managed inventory based on Production plan & MRP. This provides them good insights in to inventory trends and improve inventory management
  • With Spectrum ERP they now have mature, disciplined and aligned Business Processes
  • With Central repository and Single source of information, saves time required to prepare complex reports. It also helps make more informed business decisions.